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You can never Pause at the Perfect Time.

Posted Apr 7, 2016. Filed under . 2 comments.

Hello there! Would you ever thought I’d get back that… fast? No, seriously. I was in the mood for another new main layout since I love designing new layouts but coding them is another story. I still have to fix a few things but all in all it’s done. The layout features my new obsession called Quantum Break, a game (and also a “short” tv show), it’s sad that it’s a Microsoft exclusive—so I can’t play it on my PS4 but I did play it (my brother in law has an XBox One!) and the gameplay is suuuper awesome. I’m a fangirl when it comes to Sci-Fi things, especially time travel and time manipulation! Gosh, if you have the chance, go play the game. :)

So what’s new?

- new main layout (obviously)
- refreshed the about page / previous layouts (i still like the old one though.. whatever)
- AND A GRAPHICS UPDATE (ok it’s nothing big): 1 Quantum Break icon—to match the layout & 4 Mushishi icons

Mushishi? Yeah because of the spring feeling. Go watch the anime, you won’t regret it. It’s a mature anime with a lot of nice topics. I love the feeling and atmosphere of this anime and manga a lot, haha.

So you probably ask—or you don’t—why I’m not updating that much. There are two reasons: I’m super lazy and I’m currently working on my bachelor thesis! So hopefully I will get my certification of bachelor degree soon enough.

I hope you enjoy the new layout! See you soon—or not…

PS: i haven’t forgotten about the cyberstamps but I’m super lazy and sorry about that. You will get them…… “soon”.


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