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Don’t Panic—There’s A Return Policy!

Posted Aug 1, 2016. Filed under news. 2 comments.

Hello there, it’s me again. And no, I’m not bringing you guys some new graphics stuff because I WON’T update icons and other graphics (except layouts/designs) on ryuuen anymore. Everything—well, there were only icons anyways—moved to AESTHARIS.ORG, a graphics and review site. I’m working on it with Kano who’s known for the previous Papercarousel page. I hope you visit us there since I’m really motivated to update soon, haha. Since I’ve moved the icons to aestharis, the only thing left are designs and cyberstamps (oh cyberstamps… right… i haven’t forgotten you guys.. ehem). As you can see above, I’m gonna have a gallery soon. Actually, the name’s not really fitting but nothing else came to my mind. I’m going to write and take photos of my last things I’ve bought plus the things I already own, like games, figures, artbooks and stuff. Since I’m gonna post them on the front page, I thought about tagging them, so you guys can see all the posts on the gallery page.

Also I’ve changed the about page since aftershock will become my network page where I’m gonna link every site where I’m active.
Aaand last thing: I’m kinda fed up with my username kintaro and want to change it to esthaim, so you better call me by my new nickname!

See you soon!


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