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Don’t Make Munching Noises When You Eat.

Posted Jul 12, 2016. Filed under news. Leave a comment?

Hello there, it’s me again! Last time I updated was in April but it felt like two weeks ago… Ahahaha, I’m sorry for not updating again. It’s always so stressy and I have a lot to do, had to study for my final exams and still working on my bachelor thesis. I’m hopefully done by next month. Since I still ain’t in the mood for a graphics update, I decided to at least change ryuuen’s main layout. I was even too lazy to code something by myself so I designed the header and was exhausted lmao; I still love this design though, even though it’s a template of Otaku Junk, a really great graphics site and also my affie! So please stop by because it’s absolutely amazing. :)

- new main layout
- refreshed the about page / previous layout

The new main layout features Allen Walker from D.Gray-man. I had another DGM layout a few years ago and I got into the mood because of the new anime (DGM Hallow), I’ve waited YEARS for another anime and almost forgot everything which happened in the manga. So I’m really glad we get another anime! Please watch DGM, it’s absolutely great (you shouldn’t watch the old anime though because it’s full of filler episodes and arcs, instead read the manga because it’s waaay better than the anime).

This was actually it… I wanted to close this site and join another graphics site but I wasn’t sure yet, I love designing main layouts but everything else has become a pain to me. Maybe because I’m working alone on ryuuen, so a nice change would be great. I’m still thinking about it… Let me know what you think about this new design (esp. the header though). ;)


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